This EPC is displayed in a similar way to that of a domestic property, with the energy rating shown on an A-G scale. As with a domestic EPC, a commercial EPC is valid for 10 years.

When is a commercial EPC required?

From April 2018, the regulations will require all new leases (including sub-lettings and qualifying lease renewals) to meet the minimum standard EPC rating of ‘E’ (applies to all existing leases from April 2023)

As soon as a building is in the process of being offered for sale or rent, it is the responsibility of the seller or landlord (i.e. the relevant person) to make available free of charge an EPC to any prospective buyer or tenant. The EPC must be provided by the seller or landlord at the earliest opportunity. Before a building is put on the market the seller or landlord must commission an EPC for the building.

EPPCS services include certification for:

Obtaining a commercial EPC

As an accreditation body, EPCCS have accredited many non-domestic energy assessors, who regularly conduct energy assessments on commercial properties. They use SBEM calculations to complete energy assessments and can produce the required Energy Performance Certificate.

Are there any exemptions to having a Commercial EPC?

EPCs are not required on sale or rent for buildings due to be demolished, provided the seller or landlord can demonstrate that:

• the building is to be sold or rented out with vacant possession

• the building is suitable for demolition and the resulting site is suitable for redevelopment

• all relevant planning permissions, listed building consents and conservation area consents exist in relation to the demolition, and they believe, on reasonable grounds, that a prospective buyer or tenant intends to demolish the building (e.g. on evidence of an application for planning permission)

A Non-Domestic Energy Assessor can confirm if your building falls under an exemption

What are the penalties for not having an EPC?

The penalty for failing to make an EPC available to any prospective buyer or tenant when selling or renting a non-domestic dwelling is fixed, in most cases, at 12.5 per cent of the rateable value of the building, with a default penalty of £750 where the formula cannot be applied. The range of penalties under this formula are set with a minimum of £500 and capped at a maximum of £5,000!

What Next?

If you require a Non-domestic energy assessment then you will need a qualified Non-Domestic Energy Assessor to produce a legally valid EPC. All our EPC assessors are fully qualified and accredited. Simply get in touch for any advice or follow the button below to get a site survey.